Next Saturday, April 28th is Opening Day on our mountain trout streams. 

McCloud River: The lower McCloud is in great shape with a 200cfs release from McCloud dam. Flows are around 300cfs at Ah-di-na. Expect great fishing - bring your big bugs, like giant stonefly dries and nymphs, green drakes, and golden stones!

Hat Creek: Having consistent spring-fed flows, Hat Creek is a good albeit all too popular destination on the opener. Target the fast-moving riffles for the easiest fishing. Look for hatches of giant stoneflies in the riffles and PMDs in the flat water.

Fall River: We anticipate a pretty normal opener on Fall River. Weedbeds aren't very established just yet, so look for fish in the deeper holes and runs with structure. Opening weekend is fun because you can catch fish on 5X tippet instead of the regular 6X tippet! Fish are pretty dispersed during the early season, so keep moving to find fish. Fishing usually improves mid- to late-May as post-spawn fish return to the river and begin feeding.

Upper Sac: The Upper Sac is currently at 900cfs which is a smidge high. As a general rule, fishing gets really good once flows at Delta drop below 800cfs. Get ready for giant stoneflies and golden stones!

Pit River: The release from Lake Britton Dam into Pit 3 is around 500cfs right now. Flows on Pit 4 are around 800cfs and Pit 5 is in the 1500cfs range. Those numbers are all a bit high for safe fishing on the Pit. Flows should drop to normal levels by mid-May as the runoff recedes.


MTFF is a fly fishing club in Marin County, CA.  Since 2004, we have been bringing together fly anglers to share knowledge, experience, and good times. We host monthly meetings, fishing trips, casting clinics, and social dinners and events.  Our members span all skill levels from beginner to veteran.  We offer membership to anyone interested in fly fishing regardless of the skill level.  Prospective members are welcome to attend our monthly meetings,  meet current members, and learn more about us.  If you would like more information please email info@mttamflyfishers.org.

Upcoming events


APRIL 24, 7:00PM, Marin County Office of Education, 1111 Las Gallinas Ave, Terra Linda

Sam traveled to Guyana on the North Coast of South America, where he caught one of these elusive river monsters, the world’s largest scaled freshwater fish known as Arapaima, with a fly rod. Hear the story of his adventure and about these amazing Monsters of Guyana.


We want to let everyone know about our upcoming fishing events and invite you to put these on your calendar and send your deposit (if appropriate). 

Wilks Pond May 11 & 12.   This private water is a 22-acre largemouth bass factory that is just a few hundred feet from the Sacramento River and only twenty minutes from Redding.  If you are interested in more information you can find it at www.theflyshop.com/adventures/wilks.html  We have 6 slots reserved for two days of fishing at a cost of $90 a day per person.  If you are interested in this great opportunity, please email Jeff Franzini at jfranzini@comcast.net so he can put you on the list.

Burney Falls May 17-20.  Jeff Franzini will be hosting a "fish on your own" event at McArthur-Burney Falls Campground.  This is a great area to fish, and it can also be used as a base camp for anyone wanting to fish the many other fantastic opportunities within driving distance like  Manzanita Lake, Hat Creek, Pit River, and the Fall River.  If you are interested please email Jeff Franzini at jfranzini@comcast.net for more information.

Shad (Day trip June 4) – Float with Guide Frank Duarte Event – Roy to host.  Currently scheduled for June 4 on the Yuba River, BUT date and river subject to change as we know more about the shad run.  This trip is an annual favorite.  Cost p.p. about $200.

Sugar Creek Ranch (2 Days) - June 19 & 20 – Float Tube or Shore Fishing Event – Jeff to host.  Cost p.p. about $145 per day.

Missouri River (7 Days) - June 24 – 30 – Float with Guides & Wading Event – Roy to host.  This is the club’s premier event.  Private lodge (air conditioned and 6 private baths), all meals and three shared days with guide on America’s best dry fly river.  Cost about $1400 p.p.  Send your $750 deposit by February 28 to secure your spot (checks only, please).  Missouri River 2018 Trip Writeup.docx

QUESTIONS? —Shoot us an email at info@mttamflyfishers.org


Tuesday May 22--Mary Tealdi “Fly Fishing Exotic Locales”  Room 201 Corte Madera Towne Center

Thurs, June 14 - Mark Won “Fishing for Surf Perch on the NorCal Coast”  Marin Rod & Gun Club

Pebble Mine Would Put America Last

In a shocking about-face, the EPA has agreed to drop proposed restrictions that would have banned construction of the Pebble Mine in Alaska.  This move paves the way for Northern Dynasty Minerals, - the Canadian company behind the mine and which has a terrible record of devastating spills and toxic releases – to seek permits for building the massive copper and gold mine in the pristine headwaters of Bristol Bay, where it would imperil the world’s largest run of Sockeye Salmon.    The EPA Administrator, Scott Pruitt, made this decision after a half-hour meeting with the mining company CEO, and shocked all the remaining scientists in the EPA who have spent years researching this proposal and have unanimously concluded it would be a disaster and would ‘irreversibly’ destroy one of the most pristine and productive locations on the planet.

Just weeks after the EPA reversal, fishermen in Bristol Bay were reporting near-record levels for this year’s Salmon run, a testament to the strength of the $1.5 billion sustainable fishery that supports 14,000 local jobs and is central to the culture of Native peoples in SW Alaska.  The colossal open pit Pebble Mine, which would be as deep as the Grand Canyon and generate 10 billion tons of toxic mining waste, was stopped in 2014 when the EPA study (twice peer reviewed) said the mine posed catastrophic risks to the Bristol Bay watershed.  One of the main problems lies in the fact that the huge earth dam which will hold most of the toxic tailings lies almost on top of an active Earthquake fault.   “In keeping with the Trump Administration’s pro-polluter, pro-extraction agenda, the EPA has utterly abandoned sound science and the people of Bristol Bay”, said Taryn Heimer, a scientist with NRDC’s Land and Wildlife program, which organization partnered with hundreds of grassroots organizations to convince the government to stop it in 2014.   More than 80% of local residents oppose the Pebble Mine.   To push the message, “No Pebble Mine.  Not now.  Not ever.”  go to <nrdc.org/stoppebble

The fish thank you.

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