MTFF is a fly fishing club in Marin County, CA.  Since 2004, we have been bringing together fly anglers to share knowledge, experience, and good times. We host monthly meetings, fishing trips, casting clinics, and social dinners and events.  Our members span all skill levels from beginner to veteran.  We offer membership to anyone interested in fly fishing regardless of the skill level.  Prospective members are welcome to attend our monthly meetings,  meet current members, and learn more about us.  If you would like more information please email info@mttamflyfishers.org.

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California Posts Stream Restrictions Due to Drought and Heat

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) is requesting that anglers voluntarily avoid fishing after 12 p.m. on select waters throughout California. This approach directs anglers to focus their angling during the cooler “hoot owl” periods of the day when water temperatures are lowest. These voluntary angling recommendations will be triggered by ongoing monitoring of select fisheries across California. When these select fisheries begin to achieve sustained afternoon water temperatures exceeding 67° Fahrenheit, CDFW will add the water(s) to a “Hoot Owl” watchlist below and will work with local stakeholders and CDFW staff to help with outreach to inform anglers. Although these are not legal angling closures, CDFW strongly recommends adhering to the recommendations for the specific waters listed until removed when conditions for those waters improve. Note: this list is not static and will be updated as conditions change with waters being added and removed.

Current list of waters:

  • The Lower Owens River (Pleasant Valley Dam downstream to Five Bridges)
  • Hot Creek
  • Mill Creek (Walker Basin)
  • Lower Rush Creek (From Grant Lake to Mono Lake)
  • Bridgeport Reservoir
  • Deep Creek
  • Crowley Lake
  • Truckee River (From Lake Tahoe to Nevada Stateline)
  • East Walker River (From Bridgeport Reservoir to Nevada Stateline)
  • Upper Truckee River (From Lake Tahoe to headwaters, including tributaries)

You can monitor changes here https://wildlife.ca.gov/Fishing/Inland/Hoot-Owl?utm_medium=email&utm_source=CA_ALDS&utm_campaign=CAanglerupdate_202108&utm_content=hootowl-button

Here is an update on Eastern Sierra waters.

  • Lower Owens River Wild Trout Section:

Open to fishing. No restrictions.

  • Hot Creek:

Interpretive Site:  Closed to fishing per Inyo National Forest closure.

  Hot Creek Ranch:  Open to fishing. No restrictions.

Hot Creek Canyon Section:  Closed to fishing per Inyo National Forest closure.
  • Upper Owens River:

Big Springs:  Closed to fishing per Inyo National Forest closure.

Above and Below Benton Crossing Bridge:  Open to fishing. No restrictions.

  • Bishop Creek Canal Behind the Ford Dealer:

Open to fishing. No restrictions.

San Joaquin River:  Closed to fishing per Inyo National Forest closure.



Manzanita Lake – September 24 - 27 CANCELLED



The Klamath Dam Deal is Finally, Completely, Absolutely Done!