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Pebble Mine Project Defeated After Years of Struggle

Biden Administration, Settling a Long Feud, Moves to Block a Mine in Alaska

The E.P.A. has proposed to ban the disposal of mining waste in the Bristol Bay watershed, a decision that very likely means the end of the Pebble Mine project.

May 25, 2022

WASHINGTON — The Biden administration on Wednesday took a major legal step toward protecting Bristol Bay in Alaska, one of the world’s most valuable sockeye salmon fisheries that also sits atop enormous copper and gold deposits long coveted by mining companies.

Citing its authority under the 1972 Clean Water Act, the Environmental Protection Agency proposed a legal determination that would ban the disposal of mining waste in the Bristol Bay watershed. It’s a move that could deal a death blow to the proposed Pebble Mine, an intensely disputed project that would have extracted the metals but also irreparably harmed the ecosystem, scientists said.

The proposal, which would create permanent protections for the waters and wildlife of Bristol Bay, about 200 miles southwest of Anchorage, will be finalized later this year.

The determination would prohibit any entity from disposing mine-related waste within 308 square miles around the site of the proposed Pebble Mine project. That’s an area about four times as large as Washington, D.C., but just a small fraction of the entire 40,000-square mile area of the Bristol Bay watershed.

“The Bristol Bay watershed is a shining example of how our nation’s waters are essential to healthy communities, vibrant ecosystems, and a thriving economy,” said Michael S. Regan, the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. “E.P.A. is committed to following the science, the law, and a transparent public process to determine what is needed to ensure that this irreplaceable and invaluable resource is protected for current and future generations.”

Blocking the Pebble Mine would be a promise kept for President Biden, who pledged on the campaign trail to “listen to the scientists and protect Bristol Bay.”

Extolling the region as foundational to the way of life for Alaska Natives, a prized destination for anglers and the source of half the world’s sockeye salmon, Mr. Biden said, “It is no place for a mine.”



The Silent, Stunning Disaster off California's Coast

In just a few years, a warm water sea urchin has destroyed 90% of California's kelp forest.  This disaster is just as if the forested Sacramento and McCloud Rivers were clear cut to their banks in 5 years.  Yet hardly anyone is aware of this.  Click on this short video, compliments of the Nature Conservancy.



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