MTFF is a fly fishing club in Marin County, CA.  Since 2004, we have been bringing together fly anglers to share knowledge, experience, and good times. We host monthly meetings, fishing trips, casting clinics, and social dinners and events.  Our members span all skill levels from beginner to veteran.  We offer membership to anyone interested in fly fishing regardless of the skill level.  Prospective members are welcome to attend our monthly meetings,  meet current members, and learn more about us.  If you would like more information please email info@mttamflyfishers.org.

Upcoming events

Trinity River Steelhead Outing (Fish On Your Own) December 6 - 8, 2020

The Trinity River Fall Steelhead Run has just started and should be in full swing by December so our Outings Chair Jeff Franzini will be hosting a three-day fishing trip.  If you have not fished on the Trinity before, it offers many walk-in fishing opportunities as well as the old standby of fishing from a float boat.  Spey rods or regular fly rods should see a lot of action swinging streamer flies or nymphing.

Jeff Franzini will be staying at the Steiner Flat BLM campground by Douglas City.  This primitive site does not require reservations and should be available for anyone wishing to camp directly on the river.  If needed, Jeff can provide you with fishing access info and tips to fish this river.

If you prefer a more traditional type of accommodations, we have two suggestions for you.  The Indian Creek Lodge 530-623-6294 in Douglas City or the Weaverville Victorian Inn 530-623-4432.  Other smaller hotels are listed on the internet in Weaverville.

If you would like to consider hiring a guide for a fishing float down the Trinity River, Jeff has arranged for guide Greg Hector 530-515-5918 hookemheckys.com to be available for December 6, 7, & 8th.  If there is a lot of interest he can also arrange additional boats.

Since this is a fish on your own event, you can fish for as many days as you like and no club reservation/payment is needed.  We would ask that you just let us know if you are planning on going at info@mttamflyfishers.org

If you require any assistance or have further questions, please contact our Outings Chair Jeff Franzini at 415-686-3846 or jfranzini@comcast.net


Klamath Dam Removal is "GO!"

PacifiCorp Agrees to Full Terms
of Klamath Dams Removal

PacifiCorp and Warren Buffett have agreed to the full terms of dam removal on the Klamath River, thus clearing a major obstacle in the long, concerted effort to restore one of California's largest watersheds. This monumental decision validates decades of work on the part of more than 40 partner organizations, including the Karuk, Yurok, and Klamath Tribes, the states of California and Oregon, and commercial fishing and conservation groups.

Warren Buffett’s support as one of the most world‘s most successful investors signals to the conservation world that he is fully invested in the health of the Klamath River and communities that depend on it. 
California Governor Gavin Newsom, Oregon Governor Kate Brown, as well as representatives of dam owner PacifiCorp, the Karuk and Yurok Tribes, and the Klamath River Renewal Corporation announced today a Memorandum of Agreement that clears the way for the final steps of Klamath dam removal. 
This agreement comes after the July decision from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) approved the partial transfer of ownership of the lower four Klamath River dams from PacifiCorp to the Klamath River Renewal Corporation (KRRC) for the purpose of removal. 
Removing the Klamath dams will open more than 300 miles of spawning and rearing habitat for salmon and steelhead. It will also be the first time the Klamath will flow freely in over a century and start the healing process for the watershed and the communities that depend on it.



Dave's special guest is Dr. Sam Snyder in Anchorage.  Sam has worked on Alaska conservation issues for many years and is presently with the Wild Salmon Center.  Sam’s a great source of information on the latest situation related to Bristol Bay and Pebble.  Click here: 



Raise Shasta Dam?  A Bad Idea That Sounds Good

The issue of raising Shasta Dam has recirculated, and once again CalTrout remains fervently opposed to raising Shasta Dam and we need your help to stop it. This project is a bad idea for fish, water, and people.

Construction of this water storage project in California would permanently alter the McCloud River, a designated California Wild and Scenic River, violate state law, and destroy Native American sacred sites. Because this project would be both economically and environmentally harmful, we ask our members to tell the Bureau of Reclamation to oppose raising Shasta Dam.

Please send a letter today to the Bureau of Reclamation and tell them you oppose this plan. The comment period closes on September 21st.

Let’s debunk the arguments in favor:

“By raising the 600-foot-tall Shasta Dam by 3% or an additional 18.5 feet, the proposed project would increase water storage capacity in the Shasta Lake reservoir by 634,000 acre-feet or more than 200 billion gallons”

Our response: The actual yield of additional water from an enlarged reservoir is uncertain. As proposed, the 18.5 foot raise would cost $1.3 billion and increase storage by 13%. But that is only under years when the reservoir actually fills. The potential storage doesn’t justify the exorbitant cost AND 100% of that cost will be paid by federal taxpayers.

“The dedicated environmental storage from the dam raise would improve water quality in the Sacramento River below the dam by lowering water temperatures for anadromous fish survival, such as Chinook salmon and other fish that migrate from the ocean to rivers to spawn.”

Our response: We don’t buy it. The United States Fish and Wildlife has strongly questioned the Bureau’s claim. The USFWS also noted that “improving the dam’s existing temperature control device, restoring downstream spawning gravel, increasing access to historic floodplain habitat, improving fish passage on tributaries, increasing minimum flows, and screening water diversions all increase salmon survival more than the dam raise.” We agree!

“This is a strategic project that is smart, cost-effective and an environmentally sound investment for California.”

Our response: Existing public information on the project suspiciously omits a clear description of how newly available water would be allocated, sold, and ultimately delivered throughout the state. Why should taxpayers cover the $1.3 billion-dollar expense when the project (1) primarily benefits wealthy water districts in Fresno (2) generates average deliveries of just 51,300 acre-feet, and (3) only delivers water on average 1 out of every 5 years.



Here's a good summary and call to action from The Nature Conservancy.

Wild places don't get more breathtaking than Bristol Bay. Crystal clear waters. Sloping, rugged volcanoes. Whales and sea otters. Indigenous peoples with 10,000 years of stewardship. And, most famously, home to one of the last great wild salmon runs that otherwise have largely disappeared from our planet.

But the federal government's fast-track process to permit one of the world's largest gold and copper mines here means Bristol Bay is at risk of being destroyed.

Join us to condemn this decision to ignore science and sacrifice these lands, waters and cultures. Urge your member of Congress to call on the EPA to veto the Pebble Mine permit.



Congratulations to Paul Wilson, recipient of the 2020 President's Award!


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