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About MTFF

Mount Tamalpais Flyfishers is a fly fishing club based in Marin County.

Our goal is to bring together fly anglers to share knowledge, experiences, information, and fun times. We gather for various activities including monthly meetings, regular fishing trips, casting, and occasional casual dinners or barbecues. The monthly meetings often feature guest speakers and include fly tying, equipment and technique discussions, and fishing reports from other members. Our members span all levels of skill, from beginner to veteran, and  we are looking for more.

We offer membership to anyone with an interest in fly fishing regardless of the level of experience. Prospective members are welcome to attend the monthly meetings and meet current members before deciding to join the club.

Please browse our site, and if you would like more information about the Mount Tamalpais Flyfishers, please send email to

Mount Tamalpais Fly Fishers is a registered Affiliate Club of the Federation of Fly Fishers,
administered under the Northern California Council (NCCFFF).

MTFF on Facebook

Join the MTFF Group on Facebook to contribute pictures, videos, messages and connect more easily with other members and the online fly fishing community at large.

2024 Officers

  • Presidents Philip Swett
  • Vice President Jeff Franzini
  • Secretary Greg Catani
  • Treasurer Kathleen Diringer

Board of Directors

  • Jeff Franzini
  • Larry Lack
  • Paul Wilson
  • Kevin Ostrom
  • Greg Catani
  • Philip Swett
  • Roy Little
  • Dave Rosner
  • Jay Courant


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