Fly Fishing the Baetis with Dave Dempsey

  • Thursday, November 12, 2020
  • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • ZOOM Meeting- address coming soon

Join Club Founder Dave Dempsey and explore the ubiquitous Bateis fly (aka "blue wing olive").

"Entomology. The Latin and the minutiae scares people away--and can put most of us to sleep! 

..and we all know fish don't speak Latin. However, knowing a little (or a lot) about aquatic insects is often the difference between catching 4 fish after staring at an indicator all day or hooking 40 fish--all on dry flies--in a single afternoon!

David Dempsey (yours truly), long-time Northern California fly fishing instructor, former guide (and developer of several closely guarded fly patterns), will speak to the Mt Tamalpais Fly Fishers and the Redwood chapter of Trout Unlimited about the "Baetidae, The Small Minnow Mayflies" Tuesday March 24 at the Town Center in Corte Madera. These insects are the basis for patterns that should be in every angler's fly box. It's a presentation that is guaranteed to be anything but dry; covering the insect life-cycle, and just as importantly, effective patterns, techniques, strategies-- and the "how to fish them and where".

Don't miss this information-filled discussion that focuses on two of the most important insects in this group, the ubiquitous "Blue Wing Olive" and our favorite stillwater insect, the Callibaetis.

Were you planning a trip to the Yuba, the Lower Sac, Hat Creek or further afield--like the Missouri?   Frustrated fishing stillwaters like Manzanita Lake? What's THE PATTERN to fish this time of year on the Lower Owens? There will be more than a few tips and "ideal times of the year" to hit the emergence of this group of insects!

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